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Level 4 Te Reo Maori Curriculum


In late 2018 Pekerau begun an inquiry into the establishment of a Reo Rua (bilingual) class and how we can develop and normalise the use of te reo maori across our school.

-A survey was sent home to parents and whanau 

-Two whanau hui were held here at school to unpack the idea further 

Community consultation informed us that parents, whanau and the community are widely supportive of our direction.

Why are we focusing on the normalisation of Te Reo Maori at Pekerau School? 

  1. Te Reo Maori is part of the curriculum and every school in NZ is obligated to teach Te Reo Maori.

  2. To maintain their registration, NZ teachers capabilities to teach Te Reo Maori have to be attested.  

  3. “The Board must take all reasonable steps to act in a manner that's consistent with the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi” - Clause 4, Schedule 6, Education Act 1989. 

What does a Level 4 Te Reo Maori Curriculum look like in the classroom?

  •  3 hours a week or 36 minutes a day of instructional Te Reo Maori delivered through

            -waiata, karakia, greetings, farewells, pepeha, mihi 

  • Teachers deliberately planning lessons to teach in the classroom 
  • Having a minimum standard for each year level so we can show progression over time 
  • Respecting tikanga (customs) and developing an understanding of why and how things are done in a Maori context