Pekerau Primary School - 742 Te Rahu Rd, Te Awamutu 3800 | Phone: 07-871 6025

Accelerating Achievement at Pekerau 

At the end of each year, we use our final assessments to identify children achieving below where they should be.  We refer to our students who aren't achieving where they should be as target students. 

As a school, we are prioritising student achievement.  Our Board of Trustees we will be supporting our teachers to ensure that the resources they need for their classroom programmes are available to them.   We are implementing a range of initiatives to target specific learning needs and we will let you know which ones apply to your child's learning needs. 

We will inform parents and whanau early on if their child is a target student then we put a plan in place to support their achievement, such as: 

  • Meeting with parents and whanau to write learning goals for the student 
  • Additional learning classes to support their particular needs 
  • Discussion with you if we think there might be a medical and or behaviour concern that needs to be addressed 
  • Encouraging regular attendance at school 
  • Parent workshops you can attend to get tips and strategies to use at home 

The class teacher will let parents and whanau know their child's specific learning levels and how they are progressing via interviews, reports and seesaw or email throughout the year.  However, our parents and whanau don’t have to wait for the teacher to update you, you can request an update from them or ask the teacher when they are available for you to come in and discuss progress with them at any time.