Pekerau Primary School - 742 Te Rahu Rd, Te Awamutu 3800 | Phone: 07-871 6025

Bus Information

  • Students that live more than 4.8 km from Pekerau School (and are within our zone) are eligible to travel on the bus at no cost. 

  • Other students can travel on the bus provided they purchase a bus tag each term and are prepared to get to the nominated stops along the bus route.  The Te Awamutu combined school transport committee set the bus routes and price of the bus tags which are purchased from the school office.

  • No Tag-No Ride. 

  • Pekerau Students are expected to adhere to our Pekerau Values at all times including whilst travelling on the bus.

  • Parents, whanau and caregivers are expected to support the school by encouraging positive behaviour on the bus. 

  • Students that do not observe the behaviour expectations set out below are at risk of not being allowed to travel on the bus.

Pekerau Values 

When Pekerau Students travel on the bus you are expected to:

(Bus Rules) 

Self Manage 

  • Remain sitting down on one seat for the duration of the trip

  • Eat my lunch and snacks at school or home

  • Keep my feet off the seats 

  • Carry my bus tag 

Team Player 

  • Respect other child/ren

  • Use kind words 

  • Keep my hands and feet to myself 

  • Use an appropriate talking volume 

Aim High 

  • Respect the Pekerau Adults that help get you on and off the bus 

  • Respect the Go Bus vehicle and the Driver 

  • Wear my school uniform on the bus (unless it’s mufti day)


  • Seek help from the bus driver, trusted adult or a school teacher when needed 

Non-compliance will result in:

  1. Verbal warning to student- In the first instance, the bus driver and/or Pekerau School staff member will correct the behaviour by reminding the student what the expected behaviour is when travelling on the bus. 

  2. Contact with parents/whanau - Continued non-compliance will result in a Pekerau School staff member notifying the parents/whanau in writing or a phone call to let them know their child is not following the Pekerau School bus behaviour expectations.  A stand-down period  (from bus travel) of up to 1 week may be imposed at this time. 

Ring Catherine or Christine on 871 6025 or email for current bus tag prices.