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Pekerau School Values Cards 

At Pekerau School we reward positive behaviour with values cards.  Children can earn these cards by displaying any of the behaviours in our Behaviour Expectation Matrix.   Each card earnt contributes to an individual, class and whole school positive reinforcement.  While it's important to demonstrate our values to be a Pekerau Star individually, it takes us all to work together to achieve the Pekerau Way across the school! 

Values Card Individual Incentive 

Children can 'bank' their cards and save them up to exchange for a personal reward.  You need to collect a minimum of 5 cards to get a reward right up to 50 cards if your child is after a more lucrative reward.  The idea is that children that haven't yet mastered the ability to save or are still learning to manage their own behaviour can still have their behaviour positively reinforced. 

Values Card Class Award 

Each week our Values leader tally the number of cards each class has collected.  The class that collects the greatest percentage looks after our Class Values Award in their classroom for the week.  They are also clapped out of the hall at the end of assembly by the other classes-a great Pekerau honour!

Values Card Whole School Reward

  • For every 5 tickets collected by a class, 1 ball will be added to the school-wide total 

  • E.g. If your class collects 15 tickets, 3 balls will be added to the school tally that week, along with the other classes contributions                                                                         

  • Once our container is full, we will select a reward that the whole school can enjoy

  • Our Whole School rewards have included, mufti days, crazy hair day and wheels day