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'Kickstart' is for children who will attend Pekerau Primary School when they turn five. Children, with their parent/caregiver may attend for up to 5 weeks before they start school.


Our kickstart programme is able to set the scene for attending school and the rules and routines of classroom life and the ability to work around change are practiced. Opportunity is given to ask questions, understand instructions and to practice writing own names. We also practice letter formation and number knowledge while enjoying poems and stories.

We have a Mentor Programme available through some Kindergartens, so occasionally you will see our senior children buddied up with some children attending our Kickstart programme.

The Kickstart to School Programme will:


  • Ensure a smooth transition to school.
  • Build children’s readiness for school.
  • Introduce children to school routines, rules and expectations in a safe environment
  • Familiarise children with toilets etc
  • Give parents guidance with their children’s learning.
Held in Room 13 or 14, every Wednesday from 1.35pm till 2.30 pm.

Once you have handed in your enrolment forms we can enrol your child in this programme and organise a start date best suited for your child.