Pekerau Primary School - 742 Te Rahu Rd, Te Awamutu 3800 | Phone: 07-871 6025



At Pekerau Primary School we are aiming to prepare our students for the a future that is vastly different to what we have experienced before. We believe that digital technologies  support  students to develop the necessary skills to build life long learning and can enhance learning opportunities for our children . Children today will have a different future to those of their parents and grandparents and will not train for just one career.

At Pekerau School students will become:
  • Flexible and adaptable thinkers, developing problem solvers and risk takers.
  • Self directed learners, able to work independently and reflectively, therefore work towards life long learning.
  • Effective communicators/collaborators who communicate and collaborate confidently and effectively in a variety of contexts and situations.
  • Using digital technologies gives us the ability to create an environment where learning is extended beyond the classroom and involves the wider community, thus enriching the learning opportunities available to our students.


Our Learning Centre, named after Helen Robertson, provides a great learning environment with a variety of tools to support our learning.
The Learning Centre consists of a well stocked library complete with TV, DVD, computers, a 'green' room and resource room.